British Education Services

BES Group is founded by two individuals with huge experience in the educational industry, with the aim of providing the best and highest quality service for international students who are looking to continue their studies. BES Group main target is to supply an educational consultation to international students by assuring they follow the correct course and degree which suits their needs.
The educational industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and most student seeks to either improve their English language skills, join an undergraduate course or even adding the extra postgraduate degree. Therefore, BES Group are connected with top universities and English academies which supplies an excellent service which most of the students will benefit from by finding the dream job, or being able to work abroad using a second language.

Here at BES Group, we believe that studying abroad can create huge opportunities and dimensions. Therefore, we strive to supply the student with the accurate and appropriate information in terms of the right course to join, and the most suitable university.
The reason why BES Group provides service which is guaranteed not to be found anywhere else, is because we are not just for a profit company. Our main satisfaction is seeing students succeed and being able to achieve the most out of their studies abroad.


University Degrees in the UK

UCAS manages all the undergraduate applications and all universities require the students to apply through it as UCAS is an official centre, BES group’s expert university consultants can guide you through the entire university application process.


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The types of the university degrees that we can help with

We usually help with the standard 3-year undergraduate degree, in addition to many other courses that the student can benefit from such as all post-graduate degrees, Ph.D. and pre-sessional courses that the student might require to do.

A sandwich course will last four years and involve spending one year at a work placement related to your field of study.


Where can I study a university degree?

Courses at UK universities provide world-class teaching, state-of-the-art facilities and global recognition from employers.


How we can help with your application

If you wish to learn more about studying an university degree in the UK, please drop us an email to and we will be able to help and advice.


Language courses in the UK

Studying the English language in the UK gives you so much more than language skills. It’s the fastest way to achieve fluency in the English language, naturally, but this is also your chance to explore the world on your own terms, to meet new people and get beneath the surface of another culture. Whatever your goals or current language level, you will be able to get our expertise advice which will help you join the course which suits you the most.