Welcome to BES College the platform of adult education delivering GCSE skills, functional skills and Access to higher education skills. Our college seeks to train, educate and develop individuals who either want to return to education or work.
We are working with different university pathways and supporting diverse communities to ensure 100% high quality delivery of training and education with excellent outcomes

Our Expertise

Staffed with the highest qualified tutors of maths, English, ICT, health and social care, childcare and teaching assistant qualifications. Our staff are well experienced and have achieved great learning outcomes in the past. Our learners have been with us for more than 7 years studying every level up to university admissions. We master our consistent training and support and are proud to keep students with us even for seven years. We are committed to delivering across diverse communities across Manchester and beyond.



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UK’s Top Universities

BES Group partners some of the UK’s top universities and other educational institutes, we prepare your application and monitor it by making sure you receive an unconditional offer from where you are looking to study.

The UK is home to 438,000 international higher education students and there is a great reason for that.

The experiences, knowledge, and confidence gained by studying in the UK will inspire you to create your own path in life and succeed in finding the most suitable job.

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